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"Art" Gallery

OK, I'll be the first to admit I'm no artist - maybe with words but that's about it. Of course, ask my daughter and she'll tell you otherwise. "Daddy's a great artist." Anyway, I don't paint very often these days (or those days), but I figured what the hell... it's my web site.


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Elephants (Linda Keohane), 2015. Acryllic on board. Linda did the backgroudn initially then decided to make it into an African savannah, with a Mom and baby elephant and a bird in the tree. Love how this came out. She's starting to have more paintings than me!
Linda Gunn's House, 2014. Acryllic on board. I seem to make a lot of paintings for Aunite. :) This is my Aunt Linda's house. I gace it to her for this last Christmas. Not my best, but I think I caught the essence of it. All four seasons surround it, from winter on far left to Autumn on right.
Musto's House, 2013. Acryllic on board. Realzing my brother- and sister-in-law liked paintings, we snappeda photo of their house in early Fall and for Christmas 2013 I painted this of their house. I think it came out pretty good - though I over-did it with the leaves on the trees, and you can't see my cool clouds. Still, it captures the house and that' what I was aiming for. :)
Without Ceasing, 2013. Acryllic on canvas. We went on a mission trip to Alabama in April of 2013, and in order to pay for it we did a number of fund raisers. new England Chapel hosts a fund raising night called Mission Market where we can 'sell our wares' so to speak, for fundraising. I slapped together this painting before the event, to sell at the auction. I was bough by Dave and Diane Wassener.
Painting Crane's Beach, 2012. Acryllic on board. I painted this for Mom for Christmas. For her birthday earlier in the year I wanted to paint her something and the idea of painting Crane's beach in Ipswich where she used to bring us as kids was my goal. Never did it until now - it needed something when doen so my wife Linda, while she worked ont he painting below, suggested the canvas of someone painting the painting I was painting. :-)
There Is A Season (painting by Linda Keohane), 2012. Acryllic on board. My wife Linda painted this for my father for Christmas. We wanted to make gifts whenever we could this time around. She's especially excited how her baseball came out. :-)
Linda's Sunrise, 2011. Acryllic on board. My girlfriend (now wife, see above) Linda Busby and I were sitting on the couch looking at two paintings I had hanging over the entrance to the living room. The black & white landscape I did a while back (see below) and a cool foliage in the afternoon painting my sister Ellen made 25 years ago. Seeing a night picture in the mountains, a foliage picture in the afternoon, and a space for one more painting, Linda thought a sunrise over the ocean painting would be cool. I agreed. One night when she was sick in bed with a cold, I spent a couple of hours and made this. Fastest I've ever done a painting and was really happy how it came out. (it's based on a picture I found on Google).
Piano and Bird, 2011. Acryllic on board. Bolstered by the painting below, for Christmas for my aunt, Linda Gunn, I made a painting of the piano she'd given us (it was my granmother's then hers, then she let us keep it here to make room). I tried to paint this one quickly. The perspective is a little skewed butoverall it's kind of cool. The bird from below is in this one, too.
Bird & Book Still Life, 2011. Acryllic on board. Not sure, but I think this was my first acryllic painting. So much easier and versatile (or at least easier to cleanup up) than oils. Been trying acryllics and have found myself enjoying them immensely. The objects in this painting are a leather-bound edition of DUNE, a coffee cup from Holden Marital Arts, and a cool bird (not sure, might be a cuckoo bird but don't know for sure) statue my parents for 50+ years ago from my Mom's great Aunt who lived in Australia.
Payment To The Master, 2005. Oil on board. Painted this for the man who taught me how to paint, Bill Howard. There's a long and sometiems self-depracating story behind this long unknown painting. Click here to read all about it. For you, Bill.
Rocky, 2004. Oil on board. This year the Keohane family did not do the usual Christmas make-a-gift. Still, when I was trying to decide what to get/make for my Aunt Linda... actually, that should read.. my aunt, Linda, since we always call her Linda. For some reason she was too cool to have the Aunt moniker before her name. Anyhow, Linda (Gunn) had a cat named Rocky, for a long time. Rocky passed away recently, but I managed to get a picture of him from Mom, and used that - to make this.
Simonds Park, Joe Keohane Proprietor, 2003. Oil on canvas. Made this for my father for Christmas. Dad's been a coach for the minor league baseball team, the Twins, for almost 40 years now. Personally, I never made it past 2 years of little league, but I hear he's a blast to have as a coach. Came out not bad.... I didn't get a great picture of the painting, though.
Uncle Dan is Watching, 2002. Oil on board. This year's Keohane make-a-gift, a self-portrait given to my niece and godchild Taryn. She'll be heading off to college next fall, and I suggested she put this up on her wall, wherever she hangs her hat, and remember she's never alone, that "Uncle Dan is watching". Note the pipe was a 50 cent oldie bought at an antique store (new pipes are hundreds of dollars!!), and the book is the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Wanted to give myself a Hemingway-esque look. <g>
Me and Andrew, Martha's Vineyard September 1992, 2002. Oil on board. I made this as a regular Christmas gift for my maternal grandmother, a.k.a Nana Gunn. The painting is a semi-impressionistic rendition of a photo Janet took while we were on our first vacation with our 9 month old baby (in 1992). The photo means a lot to me, so it was enjoyable making the painting. (Which is small, by the way, only 4 x 6 ".
Mike & Kathleen's House, 2001. Oil on board. I made this for my sister-in-law Kathleen this past Christmas. Originally, I was going to make an American Gothic satire, have Mike & Kathleen standing in front with farmer outfits. Mike kept coming out looking like Mr. McCarthy (Our old neighbor) and Kathleen like Mary Elizabeth Mastroantonio (the actress), so I finally gave up and painted just the house.
Wobbly Rocket Circling Oblong Planet, 2001. Watercolor. On vacation this past year I made little watercolors for the girls, and Andrew wanted me to make something for him. Once we got home I did this 8 x 10 one. Took a while, but in the end he was happy with it. <g>
Black & White Landscape, 1995. Oil on canvas. I kind of like this, one of the last of my Bob Ross-style paintings before I began to learn how to really paint from the master. I have this hanging up in my house. Looks nice... from a distance.
Lighthouse, 1994. Oil on canvas. One of my earlier Bob Ross-style oil paintings made when I finally figured out the style. The B&W one below was my last using this method, but I think this lighthouse came out pretty good. I gave it to my brother and sister-in-law Paul and Holly, and finally managed to get someone to take a picture of it so I can put it up here. It's got some cool colors I think.
Still Life (based on painting by Bill Howard), 1993. Oil on canvas. My painting mentor Bill Howard had me paint a version of a still life he had done once (I currently own that particular painting myself now). So this is my fair-middlign rendition of his, which is amazing. Still, this one isn't bad, even though my kids when they were younger thought it was scary because of the face (unintentional and really takes some imagination to see, but the pitcher - which came out pretty nice I think - is the head in profile, design on side is eye and stem from grapes is the smile - apple the nose... go figure). Anyway, I gave this to my parents for Christmas that year, I think.
My First Painting (That I'll Admit To), 1992. Oil on canvas. After a trial painting on my own after first learning the wet-on-wet "Bob Ross" technique, Christmas 1992 came around and I made this painting for my sister Anne. I finally remembered, 22 years later (!) to take a pitcure of it when over her house... wow, that's pretty bad. Anyway, took me a long time to do this one. But it's also one of my better wet-on-wet paintings, ironically.

Photo Gallery

The Basement

Work on the basement has slowed down a bit with the good weather and other tings. Actually, it seems to have stopped. However, we have had the electrician in and he's working on the wiring. Once i get back to finishing one last framing thing we'll start the insulation and walls. Anyway, here are some pics...

Necon 25 panel

Though to be honest, I thought the panel had about three other folks on it. Ah well, this was definitely last year. I think. Anyhow, click on the link above or the picture to see a bigger version and who's who...

The Kids' Latest Set of Pumpkins
Halloween, 2005

Presented in this order: Andrew's, Amanda's, and 1 guess on who did the third one...

New England HA book signing,
Providence RI, January 2003
Reading and Signing,
Princeton MA, January 2003