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"All men should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from, and to, and why."
--James Thurber

Striking URL
Other Road Press. My own imprint, where I published Margaret's Ark in 2011 and more to come soon. a homeless shelter for families, composed of a network of churches and synangogues. I work for them twice a year when they come to our home town, and I'm also their webmaster. They're always in need of donations. The New England Horror Conference, or Camp Necon, is the only conference I go to with any regularity. So far been attending each year since 200. Limited to 200 writers, artists, editors and some fans - this is really a retreat for working writers - it's a real mellow, sometimes crazy, fun time, where everyone talks about writing for 4 days straight. Ah.....
Dragon Moon Press (Canada). Part of Edge/Tesseract Books, they published Solomon's Grave in Canada & the US in 2009. I and michael Arruda founded this back in 2003, and today, after changing hands a few times, it's become an amazing organzation for New England writers, with many local events and two anthologies so far, edited by Tracy Carbone and Stacey Longo Harris. Cinema Knife Fight: Friends Lauran (L.L.) Soares and Michael Arruda have moved their regular movie feature to their own website. Like Ebert and Siskel, these two go head-to-head with their reviews of everything that Hollywood spits out. Fun and always an informative read, it also features reiviews from other hips in-the-know folks including, well, me! I do a monthly science fiction review..
Necon eBooks publish the ebook editor of Christmas Trees & Monkeys, founded by the late Bob Booth of Necon-fame. I used to be their webmaster, and did a 2.5 year stint as their "postmaster" (I answered the emails). Most recently I was a Trustee. To find horror writers, publishers, organizations, horror-related sites, links to art, articles on writing, this is the place to be. If you're a horror writer - join... well, if you can. Tougher to get in these days... Ralan.com. One of the best free market listing sites for most every horror, sci-fi and fantasy market out there.
Germany. Michael & co published Solomon's Grave in German (as Das grab Des Salomon). (This makes country #2... any others?) and Plague of Darkness (as Plage der Finsternis). Otherworld is building a nice name for themselves in the market. Hopefully I won't drag them down. Il Punto d'Incontro. Vicenza, Italy. These folks were the first publisher to put Solomon's Grave out in Italian. It was released in December '06. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America: I recently rejoined the SFWA after having left for a while, I missed sharing membership with the likes of Ray Bradbury and Ben Bova.
"Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." -Gene Fowler


If anyone has a web site they'd like me to check out, please email me. Thanks.